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Rawmarsh Nursery School & Children’s Centre


Sharing Information

Parents are the people who make the most significant difference in a child’s life, so it is crucial that we form a strong partnership with them right from the start. We believe strongly in the importance of forming close relationships with our families, recognising the positive influence this has on the children and therefore aim to be available to talk at anytime.

We provide a daily sheet for children, which will be completed by the child’s key person each day and will describe what your child has been doing each day. It will also include other useful information. E.g. Nappy changes, meals etc. It also has room for parents to communicate with us, should they struggle to find time at drop off.

In addition to this, all children have a Learning Journey which includes snapshot observations, learning stories, photographs and documentation of the child’s progress as they grow and develop. We hope parents will contribute to this and treat it as a shared document, one that we can all enjoy and feel a sense of ownership for together. We have termly drop in days for parents and carers to come along and speak to key workers, keeping you updated on how your child is progressing.

We encourage parents to contribute to PLOD (Possible Lines of Development) and interest sheets completed on individual children. These look at children’s interests and how we can develop these interests further in all areas of learning. Parents can contribute to these by adding their children’s interests at home. These can be emailed if requested.

We have a parents notice board where we display information. This is situated on the right as you enter the Daycare rooms.

As your child gets older, they will move through the different rooms in the Daycare base. The move takes place not only according to age, but also the stage of development of each individual child. Children will only move rooms when there is space available, and before they move they will visit their new room on numerous occasions to familiarise themselves with their new carers and routines. Parents/carers are also welcome to visit the new room and meet the staff before their child moves on.

Please feel free to telephone the centre at any time during the day to enquire about your child on 01709 430420.