Barbers Crescent, Rawmarsh, Rotherham S62 6AD

01709 430420

Rawmarsh Nursery School & Children’s Centre


Visions and values

  • Rawmarsh and Arnold Nursery School Federation

  • Our mission
  • To provide the best possible learning experience to the highest standards for our children and families, in an environment that values equality of opportunity, celebrates cultural diversity and promotes awe, wonder and the joy of learning. 
  • Our vision and values
  • We will provide the highest quality education, care and family support in a warm, stimulating and welcoming environment, where each individual child, parent/carer and centre worker will be consulted, respected and valued. 
  • We aim to promote safeguarding of all children and provide a secure and safe environment which enables all children to become independent and active learners, develop skills and abilities, foster healthy and positive attitudes and support the family. 
  • Our passionate and well-motivated team will have an awareness of individuals' needs and abilities,  playing a central role in improving and celebrating outcomes for all children and families, enabling life-long learning for all.
  • We aim to enrich family life by supporting children and families, enabling them to achieve full potential for a happy and rewarding life through access to health care, high quality education, family support and learning opportunities. 
  • We will ensure children, parents/carers, staff, the community and other agencies all work together, communicate effectively and share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all children and families.