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Rawmarsh Nursery School & Children’s Centre


Our Team

We owe our strength and our quality to our staff team.

Our staff team is a caring, friendly and warm group of people whose focus is completely upon the advancement and well-being of young children and their families. They understand how important children’s early education is and the significance of self-confidence and relationships with other children and adults to early childhood development.

We have developed a very experienced and highly trained team with many graduates, specialists and thoroughly trained professionals who continue to learn and develop year in, year out, always looking to be the best they can be for you and your families.
We have Teachers, Early Years Practitioners, Family Support Workers, Thrive and Quality in Action Mentors, Children’s First Aiders, Health and Safety specialists and strong business and administration support, Special needs expertise and lead professionals whose work involves supporting and working in partnership with other schools and settings in Rawmarsh. We have a 5* rated  kitchen. Our kitchen and premises staff  take great pride in keeping our children well nourished and the centre clean and safe.


Senior Management Team

Lizzy Battersby  Deputy Headteacher

Gillian Harrison - Executive Head Teacher

Lizzy Battersby - Deputy Headteacher

Kerry Rowley - Business Manager  Emma Nortcliffe - Daycare Manager Rebecca Slinn - Lead Family Support Worker

Claire Gee<br />SENDCO / F1 Teacher

Claire Gee - SENDCO/F1 Teacher


Children's Centre Services

Rebecca Slinn - Lead Family Support Worker 

 Jodie Morris - Family Support Worker

Ashleigh Field - Family Support Worker Sam Helliwell- Outreach Worker  Toni Ashton - Outreach Worker






Rebecca Morris - Outreach Worker    


ADMINistration and support  Team
   Liz Ward<br>Administration Officer<br><br> Donna Gawthorpe<br>Administration Officer<br><br> Siobhan Hessell<br>Finance Officer Paul Kay <br />Site Supervisor

Wendy Day <br />Cook / Housekeeper

Liz Ward - Administration Officer Donna Gawthorpe - Administration Officer Siobhan Hessell - Finance Officer                         Paul Kay - Site Supervisor Wendy Day - Cook/Housekeeper


Lizzy Battersby <br>Deputy Headteacher Jennifer Clough <br>F1 Teacher Beci Whitehead <br>Senior Early Years<br>Practitioner<br> Wendy Paget <br>Early Years<br />Practitioner<br>
Lizzy Battersby - Deputy Headteacher Jen Clough - F1 Teacher Beci Whitehead - Senior Early Years Practitioner Wendy Paget - Early Years Practitioner Anna Marshall - Early Years Practitioner
Joanne McAllister <br>Early Years<br />Practitioner<br> Laura Mapplebeck <br>Early Years<br />Practitioner	Alicia McEwan <br />Teaching Assistant<br> Kerry Pimperton <br />Teaching Assistant Molly Jones    <br> Teaching Assistant
Joanne McAllister -Teaching Assistant

Laura Mapplebeck -Early Years
Alicia McEwan  -Teaching Assistant       Kerry Pimperton -Early Years Practitioner Molly Jones   - Early Years Practitioner
Angela TurnerTeaching Assistant
Angela Turner - Early Years Practitioner
2-3's Provision
Karen Charnock  <br />Lead Early Years <br />Practitioner<br> Julie Hollin <br>Early Years <br />Practitioner	Sarah Kirk  <br>Early Years <br>Practitioner	Haleema Adulkarim  <br>Early Years <br />Practitioner	Chris Carlin  <br>Early Years <br />Practitioner
Karen Charnock - Lead Early Years Practitioner Julie Hollin 
Early Years Practitioner
Sarah Kirk  - Early Years 
Haleema Abdulkarim  - Early Years 
Chris Carlin  - Early Years 
Michelle Caster  <br>Early Years <br />Practitioner	Natalie Dodd <br>Early Years Practitioner Lisa Sheeran <br> Early Years Practitioner Jessica Wilde  <br>Early Years  Practitioner Carlie Ward  <br>Early Years  Practitioner
Chris Carlin -Early Years 
Natalie Dodd - Early Years Practitioner

Lisa Sheeran - Early Years Practitioner

Jessica Wilde - Early Years Practitioner Carlie Ward - Early Years Practitioner

 Kiera Taylor  <br>Early Years  Practitioner



 Dominique Gadalla  <br>   Early Years Practitioner

Keira Taylor - Early Years Practitioner

Dominique Gadalla  -   Early Years Practitioner